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Our aim at ChampionHolmes is simple – to provide our landlords with peace of mind as well as ensure a regular income from their investment.

We act as your trusted partner in all the services we offer – from tenant finding through to a fully managed service.

We understand that some landlords want to retain some level of control over how their properties are managed, whereas others might want to hand over their portfolio to professionals.

Whatever your needs, we are here to help, backed up with our expertise and years of experience.

Why use a property management company?

  • Up to date knowledge on all legislation surrounding rental properties

  • Day to day management of property and any issues that arise

  • Stress free and often more cost effective in the long run

  • More likely to be able to fill an empty home quickly

Why use ChampionHolmes?

  • We have been the trusted choice of landlords in our area since 2006

  • We provide an unrivalled service combined with detailed local knowledge

  • We strive to provide the best and most suitable tenants for your property

  • We never forget that your investment and its success is our business

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